To you, what does Black British mean now?

  • This is the question we'd like you to answer to take part in #BlackBritish – an interactive artwork commissioned as part of Talawa's 25th anniversary celebrations.

    In the 1980s did Black British mean the Brixton Riots and Soul to Soul?

    In the 1990s was it Lewis Hamilton and Elmina's Kitchen?

    Or is it a full English breakfast with plantain and hot sauce? Eaten on a rainy day of course!

    Does Black British mean that you love ackee and apple crumble, Brighton and Blanchisseuse beach, and cheer Becks as hard as Bolt?*
  • Is Black British embodied by Tinie Tempah, Chris Offili, Patricia Scotland, Jess Ennis and Lem Sissay and by saying 'innit' and 'oh my days'?

    This is where you come in. What do you think?

    To you, what does #BlackBritish mean now? Tell us your answer in no more than 140 characters.

    Talawa is Britain's foremost Black-led theatre company. To celebrate this milestone we will be presenting an eclectic year-long season that celebrates Black talent in all its diversity. Join us by being part of #BlackBritish.

*With thanks to writer David Lambert whose poem Being Black British you can find on our blog.

This artwork is being used by a diverse range of people. Please ensure that you use appropriate language
when you participate in #BlackBritish.

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